Nutriband is a unique, results-driven health and pharmaceutical company with operations in the United States, Ireland, and South Korea. The company is developing a pharmaceutical pipeline to improve drug delivery technologies and capabilities for patients physicians and payers through transdermal delivery technologies.

Medical and pharmaceutical research

Transdermal prescription sales are projected to reach $125 billion by 2021 (11.6% CAGR), while health-supplement sales could surpass $278 billion by 2024 (8.8% CAGR). Through a series of acquisitions, Nutriband is ideally positioned to capitalize on these trends and expects to grow revenue to $198 million by 2020.

In April 2018, the Company acquired 4P Therapeutics, a revenue-generating, third-party clinical-development specialist with a robust IP portfolio. The 4P acquisition adds Defent™ abuse-deterrent patch technology, an opioid abuse-deterrent platform for the transdermal delivery of opioid-based medications, to its development pipeline. The acquisition also adds Exenatide, a Phase 1-2 injection-free alternative for patients with Type 2 diabetes, as well as other innovative drugs and treatments in its pipeline.

Nutriband currently sells three consumer products primarily in S.Korea (Energy, Weight management and vitamin) and plans to grow its efforts in the region further into S.E Asia. Revenue for FY 18 according to Distribution contract signed with Best Choice Inc. is projected to reach a minimum $2.1M - $4.2M in Y1 growing 10% Year over Year. Among the key growth drivers are expanding consumer product lines and ongoing development of the Company’s robust portfolio of pharmaceutical transdermal technologies. Achieving a fraction of its growth targets would provide significant improvement in shareholder value, which should be reflected in a much higher market cap long-term.

  • Robust clinical development pipeline
    • Six transdermal technologies in pre-clinical development
    • Phase I/II clinical trial for Type 2 diabetes transdermal technology

  • Expanding OTC product lines driving near-term revenue growth
    • 3 transdermal products available currently: energy (awarded Ireland's Best New Product 2014), weight management, vitamin patches
    • $94 million, 20-year deal with Best Choice (SouthKorea)
    • Expects to commercialize 15 consumer products by 2020 primarily in S.E. Asia and Europe

  • Addition of manufacturing facility positively impacts margins and provides additional revenue opportunities
    • Up to 50%-90% gross-margin forecasts across consumer and prescription products
    • 3rd-party manufacturing/prototype capabilities to pharma-grade standards (EU & US FDA)

  • Experienced management team
    • Founder/CEO Gareth Sheridan named Ireland's Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014
    • Company President Sean Gallagher, ex-Irish presidential candidate and renowned businessman; investor on Dragon's Den (Ireland's version of Shark Tank)
    • Jack Patrick, PharmD, Director of Drug Development (Ohio State)
    • Alan Smith, PhD, transdermal expert with 20 years clinical development experience