Nutriband is a transdermal focused pharmaceutical company based in the United States with a goal to improve the safety, comfort and efficacy of existing drugs using transdermal technologies. The Company is developing a pharmaceutical pipeline to improve drug delivery technologies and capabilities for patients, physicians, and payers through transdermal delivery technologies. Nutriband’s lead product is its AVERSA® technology. AVERSA® abuse deterrent transdermal technology incorporates aversive agents to prevent the Abuse, DiVERsion, MiSuse and Accidental exposure of drugs with abuse potential, such as opioids. The Company’s first application for AVERSA® is an abuse deterrent fentanyl transdermal patch which it is developing to provide clinicians and patients a safe extended-release patch for chronic pain. The goal is to make opioid based pain treatments safe for all who need them. AVERSA technology has received patent protection in the European Union, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Russia with patent prosecution in the US and Canada. Nutriband has made sure to target all large applicable markets and its global patent protection has opened up many opportunities for the Company to make a big impact on the safety profile of drugs globally.

Transdermal prescription sales are projected to reach as high as $125 billion in 2021. Pharmaceutical companies are turning to drug delivery technologies to boost pipelines and compensate for patent losses. Currently marketed drugs are being repositioned through reformulation using novel drug delivery technologies and drug delivery approaches are being considered early in the development program of new chemical entities. Transdermal drug delivery is an attractive area of research due to the development of patch technologies that can be used to deliver drugs that are typically administered by injection in an effort to increase compliance and improve outcomes. Through its 4P Therapeutics subsidiary, Nutriband conducts research and development and other services for a number of clients in the life sciences field. 4P specializes in accelerating products from concept to proof-of-concept, by moving quickly from the establishment of preclinical feasibility to the demonstration of proof-of-concept. Complementing its R&D capabilities, Nutriband has established comprehensive manufacturing capabilities through its December 2020 acquisition of Pocono Pharmaceuticals, a contract manufacturer and consultant for matrix coated products, topicals and cosmetics. With a growing pipeline and comprehensive capabilities across the development cycle, Nutriband is in an ideal position to accelerate growth.

  • Robust clinical development pipeline

  • Addition of manufacturing facility expected to positively impact margins

  • Highly experienced management team

  • Large, multi-billion-dollar market opportunity

  • Near-term, high-growth potential

  • Multiple clinical and regulatory milestones that may drive value over the next 12-18 months

  • Plans to uplist to major exchange